Family History Booklets

I know I have posted these before on various web sites.

But here they are for future searching.

Family History Stories for the Frees

Family History Stories for the Worthens

Blast from the past...

I was going through cleaning out an old web server and found this link:

It has links to many old photos. Some from the first digital camera I had…so they are small.

Check them out. When I showed them to Grandma Free she said "Why do they have to grow up?!"


Josh's OTS (Opportunity To Speak)

Joshua leaves on his mission to Tokyo on Wednesday July 17th, 2013.

Here is a link to his talk and also a link to a video of the ward choir singing one of Josh's favorite songs "There is a Green Hill Far Away".

Josh's Talk

FHE at Gilbert Temple

Melinda was lesson on Monday so we went to "tour" the Gilbert temple. It was very nice and lots of fun facts. We even each got a piece of the temple we could take home. If you are around you should visit. It is going to be amazing and beautiful.

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Ashley Eve Free

As most of you know, Ashley Eve Free joined our family on Thursday the 21st of February.  She was 6 lbs 10 oz and 18.5 inches long.  The labor and delivery went very well and both Mommy and Baby are doing well!

Due to it being flu season and all, we would like to encourage all Utah folk not to come visit, at least for a while.  But, here are a few photos of little Ashley that we hope you enjoy!

We love you all and thank you for being the best family ever!

Mike, Rachel, David, and Ashley =)

A Suite Deal

So yesterday we got a great surprise.  Urgent Care Extra has a suite at the Suns arena.  As part of that they had a special offer that would allow us to buy nosebleed Suns tickets for $5 for last night's game against the Clippers.  So I thought it would be a fun thing to do with the kids. Becca had plans but the boys we in.  

Then as I was about to order the tickets I get an email that they have some tickets left for the suite if we wanted them.  I contacted them instantly and ended up with four tickets to the suite and the parking pass!

So we drive up to our reserved parking spot, walk in to where the "beautiful people" are. We get the free food, the multiple TVs, the couches, and the great view.

What made it even better was the lowly Suns were able to beat the Clippers!  It was exciting to the last moment.

Actually, the best part was being with these guys!  Thanks Josh, Andrew and Adam!


McKay opens his call!

Watch for yourself.


Andrew: Outstanding Sophomore Mountain View Cross Country


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Annual Arizona Thanksgiving 2012

I'm sharing a few photos (they are already on facebook but this way they are on our website and Daniel can see them).

Thanks to all for a truly wonderful event. It was pleasant and happy and filling in so many ways.

We love you all!  Thanks for gathering with us!

DSCN7831.MOV Watch on Posterous

Asking for everyone's prayers for Matt and Chiaki's family....

Anna and Chiaki were walking nutmeg when a neighbors dog came and attacked nutmeg killing her.  Prayers and positive thoughts will be appreciated........

Pictures from Anna frees facebook...............



Orange or Grapefruit?


Little David and beautiful Rachel got sick yesterday, so at 10:30 pm we ran to the store to buy orange juice and naval oranges.

We've enjoyed a couple of those oranges this morning. One of them was a lot darker than we expected. Both Rachel and I thought we accidentally got grapefruit instead of oranges!

It ended up tasting just like an orange, but our tongues were saying otherwise just before we put it in our mouths.

The picture shows the grape-orange fruit. Next to it, you'll see the leftovers of David's normal-looking orange. Crazy stuff!

Andrew's First Cross Country Meet of 2012

At 7:00am in Scottsdale this morning the horn went off and over 400 runners left the starting line.  Both men and women JV runners.

As a sophomore, this is Andrew's second year and second time for this course.

It was very muggy this morning and at race time the sun made it above the few clouds heating things up.

He did a great job from the beginning to the end and finished 13th overall getting one of the medals given to the top 25!

See if you can find him in the mob picture.  My favorite is the picture of him climbing the hill.

Great job Andrew!  (I must have called him Michael three times this morning, I even started typing Michael for this post! weird)

New phone numbers

Hello Free family,

I haven't sent a mass text message to everyone, so I thought I ought to let everyone know that Rachel and I have different cell phone numbers:

Me: 480-331-3717
Rachel: 480-236-7546

Please make those changes in your phones/directories.

Mike and Rachel and David

Camping in Idaho...some of the photos

We did it!  We went camping!  And it was fun.  Here's a little day-by-day report of it.

Rachel, David, and I left Utah and drove up to Rexburg to meet up with Jopes, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Everlit.  We all squished into Jopes' Durango (both Elizabeth and I were sitting cross-legged in our seats because the foot room was all taken by food, blankets, etc).  Jopes drove us up to the Mesa Falls campground.

We arrived pretty late, so we used a couple of flashlights to get the tents set up.  We found a skunk right next to our campsite!  We also saw a fox later on.  

We all woke up and ate some yummy breakfast burritos.  We forgot to pack any cooking utensils, so we tried to use plastic forks and knives...not too much luck.  So Jopes took out his hatchet and stirred the scrambled eggs.  =)  If that wasn't funny enough, I didn't have any rope to tie up my foam pads, so we used one of Jopes' belts and one of his church ties to get the whole thing bundled.  Camping is GREAT!

Jopes and I did some fishing while everyone else was enjoying the great outdoors.  We both caught a fish, which that alone was worth the trip!  I love fishing!

We got into the car and drove to a couple of places, like the upper Mesa Falls area.  We also found the "beginning" of the river (Warm River) we were camping next to.  It was coming out of the side of a mountain.

We came "home" and made some yummy tinfoil dinner.  We also enjoyed the skunk and fox that joined us later that evening.

We woke up and enjoyed some cold cereal while sitting out in the sun next to the river.  It was just a nice relaxing morning.  Jopes saw an Osprey dive to catch a fish right next to us.  It was cool to see.

We packed up the campsite and left for home around noon.


It was so fun to be out in nature and not have to worry about school, work, or anything!  Nobody had cellphone service or anything else to do, other than to enjoy camping!  David enjoyed playing with his cousins.  It was fun to be with family out there.  I love camping!

I'm including some photos I took.  My battery wasn't too charged, so I didn't get too many photos.  I know Rachel took some on her camera and so did Jopes and Elizabeth.

Enjoy!  We did!

-Mike Free

Uncle Dave's talk

Uncle Dave spoke as a high councilman today in another ward.  I decided to attend and thoroughly enjoyed his talk and thought his family would enjoy it as well.

The closing hymn was one I was not familiar with #43 "Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded". The third verse had greater meaning to me:

"In the furnace Go may prove thee,

Then to bring thee forth more bright,

But can never cease to love thee;

Thou art precous in his sight.

God is with thee, God is with thee;

Thou shalt triumph in his might."


dave-hc-talk-8-19-12.m4a Listen on Posterous